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Tour (n) Middle English, from Middle French, from Old French 1. A comprehensive trip with visits to places of established interest.

Touring on


Yountville to Calistoga and return  
(Overnighter - 46 miles)
Bart to the Parks, San Francisco
(Day trip - 17 miles)
Outer Banks, North Carolina
(April 12-19, 2003)
Train, Bike and Boat the Bay
(Day trip - 24.5 miles)
A Tour of Southern England
(June28 - July 28, 2003)
Two Days in Monterey with the Bikehikers
(October 25-26, 2003)
A Tour of Burgundy and Alsace 
(June 28 - July 26, 2004)
San Simeon to Santa Barbara
(October 17-23, 2004)
The Katy Trail 
(October 15-23, 2005)

Party Pardee Revisited, 8-10-03
(C-D ride, 30.3 miles)
Lodi Grape Festival Ride, 9-20-03
(F rides, 40.2 miles, 55.9 miles)
Train, Bike and Boat the Bay, 10-19-03
(E ride, 24 miles)

2003 Party Pardee, 4/5/03 

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